At JGC we lay a great deal of emphasis on the Supply Chain Management. We have a well-diversified sourcing strategy and make sure that we are able to cater to the ever-increasing needs of our customers by delivering a quality product efficiently.

We lay a great deal of stress on proper testing of all incoming Raw Material at the initial stage itself and only accept materials which cater to our internal specifications which is clearly communicated to our suppliers. This ensures a quality product each time and every time.

We buy the following:

Special High Grade Zinc
High Grade Zinc
P.W. Zinc
Secondary Zinc Ingot
Zinc Wire
Zinc Dross (Top)
Zinc Dross (Bottom)
Zinc Cathode
Zinc Clippings
Zinc Scrub (As per ISRI Specification)
Zinc Scrap (Scull and Scrub)

Sizes may vary from Small Slabs weighing 20 kgs. to Jumbo Blocks weighing up to 2000 kgs. The Zinc, Aluminium, and Lead content must be mentioned along with your offers for our consideration.

Organizations interested in supplying the above mentioned products can Contact Us


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