The Research and Development Team at JGC is working on research projects aimed at safeguarding the future of the enterprise. It is particularly important for us to continuously optimize our product portfolio and manufacturing processes, while at the same time developing new products aimed at strengthening our core businesses. 

We have a state of the art laboratory, which is manned by a team of well-trained Professionals whose endeavor is to develop new products and improve the existing ones to ensure, that we: Deliver Excellence. The basic aim of all our R & D activities is to keep the needs of our valued customers in mind. We encourage Customer Participation to ensure that every aspect of our customers needs our taken care off. Our team works towards developing products, tailor made for our customers.

For innovation projects in particular, JGC is working on setting up Partnerships with leading Research Institutes in India. These collaborations allow the pooling of expertise so as to rapidly translate new ideas into successful products.

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