JGC uses the French Process Technology, combined with the most advanced manufacturing practices for the production of different grades of Zinc Oxide.

In this way of production, zinc is melted, then vaporized and drawn into an oxidation chamber where it reacts with oxygen. Controlled conditions at the oxidation stage produce the particle size conforming to the individual grades manufactured. When cooled, the zinc oxide is collected, sampled and analyzed to ensure conformity to grade specifications, then packaged for delivery. The purity, consistency and uniformity of particle size are assured through the application of Statistical Process Control and Quality Assurance techniques.

With manufacturing sites at 2 different locations JGC today is one of the leading producers of zinc Oxide in India. JGC has always laid a great deal of emphasis on production of quality material. We produce Zinc Oxide in various grades and specifications depending on the requirement of our customers. Our production sites are best known for its efficiency and prompt response as per the needs of our customers.
Process Flow Chart
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